14. Juli 2009

We decided to start a diary about the boat LA NEGRA, happy moments and those frustrating ones and of course one day, our trips.

What happened so far:
We bought the 42' ketch named Silver Cloud end of December 2008 in PremiĆ” de Mar, Spain. About 30min train ride north of Barcelona. We have decided to change her name, after lots of thinking, the name was just not us, so slowly she will turn black, to become LA NEGRA. Since we bought the boat we have been fixing, maintaining and costumising many things, too much to list here. At this point, engine is running, everything kinda works ok, but still 1000 things to do. Next step is to get her out of the water, clean and repaint the underneath and fix the connection point from the crankshaft to the propeller, its been leaking water. And then the major problems should hopefully be ok.

Well, we will keep updating here.


  1. Sail my way and pick me up. I want to go for a booze cruise! You, Karin, and Bones... Me, Jill, and Moose.. Perfect.

  2. YEAH would love to sail to hawaie.