30. August 2009

So, on friday Axel left me to be a grass widow with Bones on board La Negra for a month. 6 o'clock friday morning we took him to the train station and off he went to NYC. Off course both me and Bones felt a little bit sad, so we went for a walk on the beach to cheer up, and soon we felt a lot better. Around noon a friend of mine, Marja, came out from Barcelona to spend the weekend with us. And later that evening a friend of Marja, Magdalena came to join us aswell. We had a wonderful weekend full of sun and swimming and good laughs and good food and wine all you need to make a nice girls (and dogs) weekend.
Tomorrow it is back to reality, back to work, and back to working on the boat. A looong list of things to do is waiting for me and Bones.
Since I don't have a camera, I cant offer any photos the next weeks.. But I will try to keep on updating a bit with text now and then!

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