2. November 2009

We got visitors over the weekend, Hanno and Fredi from Berlin.

2 nice days of sailing and lots and lots of good food, we even cocked up a lobster and a self caught makrel.

Yesterday we left with a bit of wind and were running at 5,5 knots, sunny, good wind, had breakfast at sea and then the wind picked up, and up, and up. Our plan was to go passed Barcelona, but that was also the direction the wind was coming from so we had to tack a few times. The wind was about 25 knots, La Negra was running up to 8,7 knots with full sails, everything stiff and strong, it was beautiful. We even participated in a regatta, when we found ourselves in the middle of about 40 other sailboats. As the wind was still getting stronger we decided to abandon the plan with going passed BCN and sailed back with wind from the after to Premia de Mar. For about 10 nautical miles it took us about 1h 20min as we were going average speed of 7,5 knots. Nothing broke!

At 5,5 knots.

At 8 knots.

Makrel #2

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