30. November 2009

Lots has happened, I will just list it up.

On the 23. we sailed with Henry to Vila Nova y la Geltru to get La Negra her underneath fixed up. Whole day of being on the water unfortunatly against the wind so we had to motor almost the whole way.

Next day she got lifted out of the water, cleaned, scraped, sanded, prime painted, antifouling painted, new anodes, repairs done on the rudder, and the last 10% of green turned black. After 4 days of hard work she got watered again filled up with a bit of diesel and we were off to Garraf about 10 nautical miles north.

On the 27. we sailed with a fresh boat and a fresh wind from south west with about 6,5 knots to Garraf. Beautiful little village on a mountain surrounded by national parks. The girl at the harbour check-in laught when we asked for a map, there is only 2 streets not even a supermarket. Since we also needed some food we took the train to Sitges.

Saturday, we left, heading for Barcelona 20 miles north, amazing sailing day, a strong winds again from south west was blowing us with avarage speeds of 7 knots in 2,5 hours to BCN. We saw our first dolphin who poped up 2 meters infront of the boat to say hi. Barcelona rolled out his red carpet for us and with 100s of tourists taking photos of us and the other boats entering we felt like we are going to the MTV musik awards. The harbour is tight but we managed good and had a nice spot in the middle of BCN. In the evening we caught up with friends in a bar.

Sunday we left BCN for home, Premia de Mar, big winds, big waves. Winds up to 35-40 knots, waves up to 4 meters, this was La Negras first bad weather test, and she mastered perfectly, it was amazing. Top speed surfing down a wave with 11,4 knots. Everything felt strong and safe, but we were to busy sailing to be taking photos.

Thanks to Hanno from Mazzoka, Berlin, we got our crew t-shirts today, thank you.

Oceans we had in the last few days sailing.

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