7. March 2010

Since a few weeks we are back in Hamburg. The trip back was rocky, the engine of our car blew up... In Hamburg it's been snowing and everything is white. Beautiful.

The reason why we are here is to sell and organise all our belongings. We started another blog www.watwegmutmutweg.blogspot.com, also we had a few flea markets in our home. It is amazing how much stuff you gather over the years, some you didn't even know that you had, others only have small sentimental reason, but then there are also other bits and pieces which hurts to see them go. Still it feels very good to free ourselfs of all these things.

The plan is to be ready here by July, and then go back to Barcelona to live abord La Negra.

Inbetween I will be going to Australia tomorrow, Karin is going to come for a few weeks aswell. Looking forward.

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