26 July 2010


We been the last 2 weeks in Sweden with Karin's parents and Bones. Karin's parents took wonderful care of us, always all day beautiful food, Sodoku completions, fishing in the lakes and even shooting a rifle. It was a lovely time. Thank you, Irene and Felix.

Bones is doing ok, he is recovering from the 2 surgeries and building up muscles again, still everything looks quite weak and unstable on his back legs. But he is in a very good mood, plays, chews sticks, eats well and was just as happy to see us as we were to see him. Again Karin's parents are taking amazing care of Bones and you can see how much Bones loves them, which was good and liberating to see that he feels so good with them. That's also why we decided to let him stay longer in Sweden to fully recover. He seems happy with that.

Now we are in Götheborg, bit of sight seeing and catching up with Karin's friends. One of the highlights was the nautical museum, absolutely amazing, and a 100% must-see. With beautiful illustrations by Ola Jeppsson. We visited the Götheborg, which is a ship that was build traditionally and sailed to china and back, look here. Today is our last day here, we are heading back to Germany tonight with that big ferry in the photo and then further south.

Here is a few photos, but I will upload some more after today.

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