21. August 2010

well... After 6 months of struggle, we finally made it. It is all gone, and we arrived sound and safe back in Premia de Mar and La Negra. It's been a hell of a work to make it happen.

So what now?

One would imagine that we would take the first weeks to just enjoy being here, getting ourself sorted in our new home, enjoy the weather, eat well, sleep, relax, go for a swim and look after our lady. Turns out it all comes differently than you think. It almost always does, I've noticed. (Nowadays I believe you only make plans to know how it will not turn out...)

Less than 24 hours after arrival in Spain, Axel gets a job in Hamburg, and as life is as a freelancer, he has to take it. (Ok, I'll be fair, he was here another 6 days before he left.)


So, here we are, me and La Negra, two girls knowing how to relax and really not doing anything at all! 2 weeks of eating, sleeping, laying around in the sun, reading, swimming, eating, sleeping and more laying around.

I have to admit it's been kind of boring, without Axel. But it was good too.

Here is a picture that might illustrate my quiet life on board La Negra has been for the last two weeks...

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