4.-5. December 2010

It seems like winter has the whole world in a steady grip, and Barcelona has not been left out. Last weeks it's been getting colder and colder, and I have to say, that there are more charming circumstances for life on board a sailboat than temperatures close to zero at night and seeing your own breath when you wake up in the morning.

So saturday morning we decided to treat our selves with a break from the everyday boat life, and go for a little weekend trip. Changing our mind back and forth between heading south, or heading north, we finally decided to drive towards the north and Andorra and France, which turned out to be a great decision.

Less than one hours drive from Barcelona the landscape completely changes from the "typical Spanish" coast views to beautiful mountain views, making you think you are in the Alps.

We spent the weekend listening to music and driving around the Pyrenees admiring fantastic mountains, forests, lots of snow, amazing buildings falling in because of age, cows, horses, skiers, steep hills and charming little mountain villages with the cutest little streets and farms.

Topping that with walks in the snow, french wine and cheese and a lovely little hotel with great food for good prices and a warm bed we have really put a gold lining to this weekend.

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