1. August 2011

Here are finally a bunch of photos from life on board La Negra last months

Before we left from Barcelona we went for a final dinner and drink with Jose and Sonia at Bistro Barcelona.

A group picture of the crew on board and a good luck hug, and OFF WE GO, into the adventures of the unknown.

On our way to Menorca. Boating in a different way...

And we had plenty of dolphins.

After around 30 hours sailing from Barcelona to Menorca we arrived on the north west coast of Menorca, in Cala Algaiarens. This was our welcome committee from our new neighbour.

After a couple of days we sailed to Ciutadella on the west coat and later we went on to the northeast coast and a fairly big inlet that offered good shelter from the wind. In the inlet lays the little village Fornells. Pretty touristic but still very nice village with lovely, helpful people.

House in Fornells with a bikini tan..

And our very good sailing friend Zakhar from russia who sails along with us on his boat Gagra. for the moment he is Spain but we hope he will be back sailing with us soon again.

Unfortunatley we just have very few pictures of the next stop, Es Grau, on the east coast of Menorca, lovely, tiny tiny little village with a really cute beach bar.

From Es Grau i went for a weeks work in Berlin, and when I was away Axel was up to all kind of adventures with La Negra. Besides form losing our wind generator and what not, he went back and forth to Mallorca together with Zakhar and Gagra.

When I caught up with Axel and La Negra in Mahon we decided to sail over to Mallorca and spend a few nights in the bay of Porto Colon where we spent two weeks last summer. There we met these great people, Pete and Courtney.

From Porto Colon we set sail to finally leave Spain. Not that we didn't enjoy Spain, it was just time to really get going.. Before we left from Mallorca, Sergio, a friend from Barcelona, came to join us for the passage.

After about 40 hours on open seas we could see Italy! Bravo Bravo! Ciao Ciao! Time to clean and Make La Negra look petty for her arrival, and off course, hoist the Italian flag.

After exactly 48 hours of sailing and 260 proud miles we dropped anchor on the south side of Sardinia, in the bay of Teulada.
The whole pasage went perfect, we had a north wind all the way, which made La Negra fly towards Italy.

First swim in Italy.

On the way we caught a ca 15 kg Yellow fin Tuna and that fed all four of us for four days. It was DELICIOUS!

After a few relaxing days in Teulada we went up the west side of Sardinia, there we made a stop in Porto Pino, which, by the way, is NOT a port.

from Porto Pino we sailed around the island of Sant Antioco and dropped our anchor outside a beautiful little village named Calasetta. These pictures are from the main piazza on a sunday evening. I love the fact that all locals are out on the piazza, and that there are 3 pizza places on one piazza!!

From Calasetta we went down to the south tip of Isola Sant Pietro and stayed a few days, swimming, relaxing and drinking cocktails at the little beach bar. Here Axel found out about the job he is doing in Germany for the moment, so from there we went on to Portoscuso where I am now. On the way we made a stop in the main village on Sant Pietro, Carloforte, a beatiful little town.

And, off they went, Sergio went back to Barcelona by plane, Zakhar took his Gagra and sailed back west, and Axel went for a month of work in Germany. So, here I am, in Portoscuso. Luckily La Negra always makes sure I have something to do. For the moment I am repairing and repainting the aft deck and giving some wood an extra layer of varish. Next week Maren, a friend from Hamburg will come visit. Looking forward to that.

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