3. August 2011

Special thanks to Bobi for leaving comments.

Miss you bro.


  1. Haha, Yessss i made the blog. and almost naked too! Wow lots of new pics to follow along, Trip looks amazing. you guys are living the dream no doubt. Amazing... Miss you too brotha.

  2. Bobi, when will you guys come visit?

  3. Soon I hope. Ill try to work on that.

    Here is a documentary being made by my friends of a family that lives here on kauai. http://thegoodwinproject.com/teaser.html Great shots of where I live.

    Here is their blog. Get to follow their travels too. http://thegoodwinproject.com/blog/frontpage.html?layout=frontpage

  4. oh nice, how beautiful, I hope we will start creating something aswell.