7. august 2011

Pheeeew, It has been HOT today, about 35 degrees, and I have been laying beneath the sun sail in the hammock reading all day. Not a chance to do anything without sweating like a pig. Even making the hammock swing too much got me sweating. At these temperatures even I lose my appetite, I normally eat loads of everything, but today I couldn't think of a thing that I wanted to eat, and so I didn't. Had nothing to eat all day, but then, at 9, fresh from a swim and temperature dropped to a more human 25 or so.. I realized I was STAAAAARVING. And craving a pizza. And what place can be better to crave for a pizza than in the cradle of pizza.

This is what Portoscuso looked like when I went on a pizza hunt.

This is what my dinner looked like.

Now I feel like i might explode.

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  1. puss, looks lovely. I'll post an image what Hamburg looks like.