10 April 2012

WOW are we lazy about this blogging thing or what?!

so last time was Tunesia.

what happend then.
1. we sailed to Malta with Matt onboard in December
2. 2 kids tryed to steal our outboard motor, I caught them in the act and got beaten up. But the Police got them and they have been procecuted.
3. we are on solar energy now, 2 big panels on the roof and it seems like we have endless electrcity now, perfect.
4. we sailed again to Tunesia 2 weeks ago and just got back to Malty for a quick stop before we are finally off to Sicily and then maybe Monte Negro, Croatia, Greece or god knows where.
5. my parents came for a visit

I started a new hobby, making my own lures as I have been loosing too many and they are damn expensive. Will be stoked to try them out and see if they catch anything.

Malta: is beautiful and we have met so many nice people and became good friends, Jon, Holly, Tom, Betina, Jen, Nic, Ed, Josh, Daniel, Johan, Jane and may more. They took us on as family and gave us a warm feeling. Thank you all. Again we find it very hard to leave and surly we will be back.

there are 3 island here, Malta, Comino and Gozo, all super nice islands, with a mix of arabic, british and italian influences all stired up with a flair of mediterain ocean and catholic church. It really lovely here. Nice buildings, nice landscape, nice people.

The winter was more or less mild here, quite windy, so after hiding away with the boat from the wind I finally had enough and moored in the marina in Msida. Oh yeah, Malta got its own language Maltese which is like Italian and arabic mixed, sounds super funny and impossible to understand but since they had been british for so long everybody speaks english which makes it easy for us.

Man, we got soooooooooo many nice new fotos that I don't know where to start. I'll just pass on to Karin with that.

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