21. april 2012

Today we learnt, once again, that after rain comes sunshine. Seems like a lesson you need to learn again again.

Yesterday we woke up on anchor about 100 meters off the shore in Siracusa, and realized that someone had sneaked up by boat, in the middle of the night, and stole our outboard engine for our dinghy. You can imagine our frustration and disappointment.

After making a report at the local police and a quick stop at the local (fantaaaastic market) we set sail heading north.

The reward was this wonderful little bay waiting for us, as picturesque as can be, with wall painting on every second building, friendly people, every third shop a fish shop, houses painted in wonderful colors and, as a giant over looking the village, the vulcano Etna with her snowy top on the other side of the bay.

In the dark Etna looks even more more impressive, the city, Catania, at its foot is glittering and glowing in a way that makes you think of lava running down the mountain into the sea.

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