21. April 2012

Here are some photos from my trip to sweden in December/January.

My Dad, Bones and forest, one heart, one soul.

The best dog in the world.

I went to meet my best friend Marie and her lovely daughter Gry. And off course pappa Nils.

Together we went to the city museum and found this cute painting of the Gothenburg Harbor.

It was not really a white christmas this year, but we got some snow.
I love the morning lights in the north.

Here a screenshot from the communication between my then 10 year old nephew and his mum on christmas morning;

04.33 AM;
Cant sleep.

04.47 AM;
Can I get up now?

05.06 AM;

What about now, can I get up now?

I wish this kind of excitement for things would be as strong all life long!

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