12. May 2012

Since 5 days or so we are stuck in the bay of Otranto. We are headed northeast, towards croatia, but, obviously, the wind is blowing strong from northeast... (wind always seems to come exactly from where you are headed.)

Good news is that this is a very nice little bay, with perfect sand for anchoring, the little town is nice, pizza is cheap and good and water temperature is 19.7. Bad news is that the swell comes pretty much straight into the bay and makes La Negra stomp and rock a sway like drunk.

There is one curious thing about this little town.. There are few cars, and they all drive very slow and carefully, and instead it seems like every third person drives an elecro scooter or electro bike. This gives a really nice and quiet atmosphere.

Also it is by far the cleanest town/bay that we've seen so far. Makes you happy to see that there are still places where people care for the environment.

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