15. May 2012

If you have ever considered to live and work on a boat, my advice to you (at least if you ask me today) is, FORGET it. Or, at least keep the following in mind:

A boat is a floating piece of plastic. (Or wood, steel, concrete or aluminum.) This means that it follows all movements of the sea. THIS means, that when on anchor, in a bay with a fair amount of swell, like the one we have been anchored in since over a week, the boat rocks. Like a maniac.

Here a little illustration for you to understand what I am saying.

For those of you living in a house, working in an office, here a little translation so that you get a clearer picture of what this actually means.

Don't forget that this applies to every part of your house/office. (Bed, kitchen, shower, toilet, sofa… your self...)
24 hours a day.
Every item that does NOT stay put on a surface at this angle, either falls/slides/rolls off or back and forth and creates corresponding noises. Or you nail it to its position.

If you think that this seems like fun, my advice is, buy yourself a boat!


  1. this is a very impressive view of all-day-living on the SEA.
    Have you ever imagined how depressant and pacifying the 90 degree turn (45 left and 45 right every minute) act to your brain and the entire body?
    To chill down babys, best you rock them in a cradle, 45 degree to the left and 45 degree to the right.

  2. man we must be sooooooooooo chilled out then.