11. June 2012

Before we left Italy we spent a few days in the city of Monopoly. (No, we did not pay with paper money, nore did we build any hotels.) We docked right next to a ship named Lamu. Lamu belongs to the Italian state and goes out when there is a ship sinking or leaking, prevention nature catastrophe. It seems, to us, that they spend quite a lot of time in port, and luckily for us, they decided to invite us in for a sunday lunch.

On the menu was;

Pepeto di cozze

Pasta di cozze e pomodirini

Insalata di pulpo

And, sorry, I forgot the name of the desert, but it was TASTY. We even got to bring the leftovers home.

Wine, Coffee and Limoncello.

thanks Walter and Salvatore for the DELICIOUS food and the guided tour on Lamu.

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