20. July 2012

The first greek island that we arrived to was Othonoi, north west of Korfu.

Here are some pics from Babis Likas, a greek restaurant owner/sports psychologist who lived and studied 7 years in the very north of Sweden and who welcomed us in a very warm way.

Our very first night together, he brought out some greek brandy, metaxa, that his uncle distilled in 1949.

Here is Babis, he's Cat Josefina and her babies, the cat papa Rebelaco, and some pics from the village and the restaurant.

All the animals from the village live around Babis and his restaurant. None if them are "his", but they all come to him to feed and sleep and to get a cuddle. Sometimes in winter when he is short of money, he ends up buying cat food instead of food for himself...

If you are looking for a very very quit and remote vacation, you should try out Othonoi. It is a little greek paradise. Or if you happen to know a cool woman in her 50ies, looking for a simple life with a greek man on a remote island, send her to Othonoi. :)

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