2. December 2012

It has been a looong time. A very long time. And I am not even going to start to apologise about being a lousy blogger. We simply ARE lousy bloggers. Or at least LAZY bloggers.

Obviously a lot of things has happened, and I will somehow start from the back.

I am in Stockholm for the moment, and yesterday I met an old friend, who all of a sudden says, "Isn't it strange, that I have two girl friends living on boats?" It turns out he has another swedish girl friend who lives and sails with her boyfriend Alex. As I checked their blog this morning I fell in love. It felt as if someone is blogging about our life. The same problems, missions, fun, joys.. Sure, they have taken it a great step further than us, both blog-wise and when it comes to the sailing, as they made it to the caribbean.. But still. It is the first time that I stumble over someone who is doing the same thing that we do. Mainly we meet retired people, VERY VERY nice people, no question, but people who tells us about their children at home, in our age, their grand children and so on.. Or occasionally we meet someone who has taken a year or two off, sailing full time. But someone like us, young people, who somehow goes on with their normal life and work, and sail at the same time.. Not until now.

check out their blog here

This site was a great eye opener on our own life and what a fantastic life style we have chosen. Even though I am not on the boat for he moment, and the current position, Thessaloniki -in December, is not amazing, it really gave me a new spark of love the boat, the captain and our life and possibilities.

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