3. December 2012

This fall I went twice to Istanbul, a city that I was very very eager to see, and that really lived up to all my expectations and even more.

I love the sounds, the smells and the tastes. The bazaars and its friendly people who invite you in for a tea or even a lunch at any time. The fact that it is a city split between europe and asia, how the bridge over the golden horn is crowded with people fishing and selling fresh fish and fishing equipment -no matter the weather, the minarets, mosques and the sound of the muezzin's calling for prayers, the beauty of the blue tiles and mosaics in the mosques, and, off course, the lovely, crazy mess, -the mixture of asian, arabic, turkish, christian and islamic, old and new, western, eastern, modern and antique, crooked wooden sheds and pompous sultan places, rich and poor, humbleness and luxury. It is all just breathtaking!
I am in love.

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