3. December 2012

Some people call him Jack Frost, others Old man Winter, in Sweden his name is King Bore. Some people would simply call it dead cold and horrible. I call it beautiful.

This morning we had about -10 when I left the house, and as I spoke to my parent they told me they had had almost 19 (-2.5 F) below during the night.

King Bore did probably NOT lend his name from Borea, who was the god of the northern wind in the greek mythology. but it reminds me of him anyways..

In greek mythology Anemoi was the god of the winds, Boreas ruled the north wind and the winter, Eurus the east, that was supposedly unlucky, Notus ruled the south wind and Zephyrus was the god of the southerly winds. Then there was Aura, who was the divine breeze and Anemoi's daughters, Aurai, the nymphs of the breeze.

This is what Stockholm looks like when King Bore is reigning. (boat people, check the steam on the water! No weather for boat life if you ask me!)

And by the looks of it, King Bore is here to reign over the swedish capital for at least the next days..

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