4. December 2012

For those of you who think boat life is romantic and you always sail into beautiful sunsets with dolphins or lie under palm-trees and sip cocktails.

It is not – I haven't slept all night tonight, it is mega windy, my guess is: 50kn-65kn. the boat is on a 15° angle, the stays, masts, sheets of all the boat are howling in the wind, the mooring-lines are squeaking and feel like they are about to explode, the water sprays over the breakwater about 5 meter high, boats bumping and leaning into each other, so far i noticed two boats whos frontsail unrolled and got torn into bits and a few persenings.

It is cold, loud and wet and I am on the watch to prevent any damage to La Negra.

I'll take some photos when the sun comes up.

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