5. December 2012

I just got home from a delicious dinner with a good friend of mine. This is a luxury that I really really enjoy when I am in Sweden or some other place where I spent enough time to have true friends. Sitting down with someone for a good meal or a nice glass of wine, sometimes it has been years since you last met, but it feels like yesterday. You pick up the threads where you ended last time, you pour out your heart, you speak freely without worrying about being judged or valued, and you hear authentic, true stories with soul and heart.

Living on a boat, constantly changing locations offers an endless row of fantastic advantages, and countless interesting encounters with interesting people. Sometimes we stay long enough to develop real friendships, sometimes yo meet people that you connect with right away. Sometimes it is hard to find someone at all that you want to exchange more than polite phrases about weather and wind with. In general when you sail, there is a lot of coming and going, and as my favourite singer -Jesus Rodrigues sings, "Hello always ends in goodbye" there are just as many departures as arrivals....

I stay at my friend Sandra's place, and right next to my bed I have a globe and this brings a few things to my mind... How small europe is, and how tiny the mediterranean is, how big the atlantic seams, and, how knee shaking, massive, unfathomably huuuuuge the pacific is.

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