22. January 2012


I left from home on the 24th of November, and since then I've been to Istanbul, Stockholm, my parents place, Gothenburg, Hamburg, Berlin and Axel's parents place. And now I'm exhausted. And exactly 2 months later, on the 24th of January, I'll be back on board La Negra. I can't wait!

It has been a very long journey, but it was necessary.
Some of you might already know that I lost my job in October. I have been working as a designer for a company for almost 8 years, and because of new owners, I had to leave. These two past months I have been tying new- and nursing old contacts, visiting some companies, tending the Berlin fashion week, struggling with german authorities about unemployment money, seeing a lot of friends and spending christmas with my family.

As I first lost my job, I was sad and upset about it, but now, after two very successful months, I feel super optimistic and excited about the future and I have some interesting projects brewing, which I hope to be able to speak about soon.

Now I will go home, gather my forces, hug my captain, sleep in my own bed, hopefully catch some sun rays and have some great greek food and focus my energy on my new projects!


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