11. April 2013

One mile off the turkish coast, turkish music on the radio, a smooth wind in the sun bathed sails and bellis filled with scrambled eggs and fruit.

This morning we had a different wake up call than the last days. In chios we woke up to the sound of ferries and lorries honking and buzzing. Quite a differenze from last days cock-a-doodle-doooh from the local rooster.

Today I am drop dead tired and will treat myself with a siesta on deck in the sun on our way south towards the Fournoi islands.

I normally read a lot, but lately my reading has been minimized. Constantly beeing on the move, seeing new things, the wind and the sun totally overloads your body and mind and I pass out in the moment I lay my head on my pillow.
These days my reading is being limited to these two house-bibles.


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