14. April 2013

Yesterday was a loooong day. We woke up in Karlovasi on the northwest of Samos and set sail east, to Vathi, the capital. Since we didnt like it, we sailed on towards the eastern tip of the island and found an enchanting, tiny little bay with a chappel on the beach, a few houses and fishing boats. As we went to bed early I was already looking forward to an early morning with church bells, birds, roosters, sun and a fruit salad. Two and a half hour after we fell asleep a 30 knots wind woke us up. It was blowing us out of the bay, making our anchor drag. So off we went. Bye bye rooster and church bells.
Another two and a half hours later the anchor fell in a new, more protected bay. This morning the wind slowly dropped and our new anchor bay turned out to be almost as pretty as the first one.

Since our batteries havent been charging properly since we had the waterpump replaced Axel decided to replace our conveyer belt before we left the bay. Unfortunately it turned out to be our alternator that is not working any more, so for the moment we are depending on our wind generator and solar panels. (Which should be absolutely no problem, with the sun gazing from morning to evening and a 30 knots meltemi predicted for the next days.)

At lunch time we sailed southwest through the strat of samos and arrived in beautiful Pythagoreion, the home of Pyhagoras, the mathematician.

Here we will probably stay for a few days, let the meltemi -strong northerly winds, pass, order a new alternator and do some work and maybe rent a car to drive around and see samos from the land lubbers point of view.

No pics today since my internet is super lousy.

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