19. April 2013

Last two days we've been more mobile than normally. We've rented a car and have been driving around the island, and finally I got the chance to use the voucher for a day on horse back that Axel gave me for my birthday last year. (361 days it took to get around to do this.)

Samos is just incredible, so many beautiful little villages, both at the sea side and in the mountains. And the nature is really fantastic. It is lush and green and it seems like april is really the right season to visit this island. There are no tourists yet, but at each bar and tavern people seem to be busy getting things right for the season, painting and cleaning and making things look nice. The only downside to this season is that it is not easy to find a tavern that is open at all, and the weather is still not warm enough for swimming.  We've had heavy north winds the whole week, and this has really cooled off the air and the water again.

House for sale...

I am not sure who look the most sceptic, the horse or Axel. Anyways Axel did a great job for  being the first time n the horse back. And so did the horse.

These little greek horses are surprisingly tough. There seems to be a lot more energy and speed in them than what their donkey like outside shows.
My horse, that went by the name Tornado, was a great little runner and just seemed to love it, galloping along the stony mountain tracks. Axels horse, on the other side, needed a little (quite a lot) of encourage and one of the girls would ride behind hime, yelling Ella, Pame Pusti with a crazy voice (Come on, run, homo! Not very nice, huh?!) But that seemed to d it for him, and he'd fall into gallop as well and he showed Axel that you can have a great time n horse back, speeding through the forest.

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