21. April 2013

After about a week on Samos we decided it was time to move on. Yesterday morning we heaved anchor in Samos (this turned out to be a bit tricky... and also explained why we haven't moved a cm in the heavy wind of the last days.)

Once we had cut loose the anchor we had a bumpy, rolly, wet tour to the Phourni islands. La Negra was stomping and rolling and whining her way through a choppy sea and 30 knots of wind so in no time at all we arrived at our destination. Unfortunately, it was much more windy than we had expected, and Axels much looked forward to fishing excursions around the islands (they are known for good fishing waters) turned into nothing.

Today we kept on going and arrived in Patmos a couple of hours ago. Even though Patmos belongs to the Dodecaneses, it's the most northern island in the southernmost greek island group, it looks more like an island in the Cyklades. 

Also today we had quite a bumpy ride. Might not look that bumpy here, but it sure was.

Wow, this looks shitty.... no idea how to do this in a nice way....

It is a pretty little place with its white square houses on the hillside around a big and calm inlet, but seems quite touristy.
Tomorrow we will be a bit cultural, we are planning for a walk up the hills to the town of Chora and its monastery of Saint John the Theologian and the cave of the apocalypse, a unesco world heritage site. Should be worth the walk and a visit, but to be on the safe side, we'll prepare a good picnic for the walk :)

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