23. April 2013

This day started with candles and a birthday gift -a journey to Kapadokya in Turkey, the birthday breakfast might have been a little poor since pretty much all galley compartments were empty. But, it was perfect anyways.
The day we spent sailing to the most westernly of the Cykladic islands, Milos.
It was a fairly quiet sail that left us plenty of time for both reading and polishing inox and scrubbing deck.
We have just rounded off the day with a MASSIVE greek meat party and some wine and beer and are now back on board making plans for the comming days.. We should be back in the dodecaneses and Cos latest the 30th.. Lets see what kind of plan we manage to make!

It has been a pretty much perfect birthday, if I could only wish for one more thing, it would have been friends and family around. But i got pleeenty of birthday wishes via phone, mail and facebook, and that was worth a lot as well!!

Now Its time for bed, old peple need a lot of sleep.

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