30. April 2013

In the Cyklades we went to Thira, more known by the name Santorini, beautiful beautiful Santorini. This island is a quite a fascinating place in many ways. Just the fact that it is an active volcano, and that we actually anchored in the crater of the volcano makes it memorable for us. That the volcano had a big outburst as recently as 1956 also makes it a little bit more "explosive" than most other places we've been to. That the architecture is just absolutely fantastic, and the nature is stunning just makes this place more special. And adding to it, that some people believe that Thira was home to the Atlantis legend just adds a littel bit more icing n the cake.

Thira is though, a VERY touristic place, luckily we came before the main tourist season had started, and I am quite sure it is almost horrible in high season, but if you ever have the chance, you should try to see this pearl in the off season.

We took so millions of photos, so I'll upload a (quite big) selection of it over the next days.

That we met a beautiful and interesting woman named Athina, who invited us in for dinner with her husband Dimitris, and daughter Sunny and their 3 dogs in their home just totally completed the Thira experience for us.

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