4. April 2013

So, we are on skyros, the most eastern island of the Sporades.
This afternoon we decided to run the engine for a while since we had no wind but nasty swell. To avoid being stuck in those conditions we thought we'd hurry to the south tip of Skyros to catch the upcoming south wind that the weather report had promised.
But, instead of speeding things up, it turned out to become a delay. 7 nm of Linaria on the west coast the engine started making weird noices and as we checked what was wrong it turns out we were loosing the water from the fresh water cooling system and the motor temperature was getting suspiciously high.
So, change of plan. With no wind and a over heated engine that we fed a good part of our fresh water to keep her running, we slowly slowly but sucessfully made it to Linaria.
Now we are safely moored in a very cozy little village and will start the work with the engine tomorrow. Hopefully we can order a water pump from main land and if we are lucky we have solved the problem with that within a few days.

We treated ourselves with a beer and some souvlaki in the sunset and now we are going to sleep and charge the batteries for tomorrows mission.

Please cross you fingers for a quick and friction free repair!


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