7. April 2013

There has been some changes on the blog the last days. I hope you like it. Axel had an idea about adjusting the colours of the blog to the colours of the flag of our current country. I find the idea nice, but I was not very convinced about the result. Personally I like it better like this, plain black and white. This way the photos looks nicer as well. I hope you like it too.
And besides, La Negra is black and white, so it is her colours.

For the moment we are sitting in a small, well protected bay on the south of Skyros, waiting for the wind to turn to our favour. While Axel was having a siesta, I used the time to updated some pics on the La Negra S/Y page. Take a look and see what our tiny home looks like.

Today we have thought about some possible change in our route. We red about Samos in our pilot book and the way this island is being described there, I don't think we can afford to miss it. An island called "Mother Nature's love child" we can simply not miss out on. Let's see where the winds take us.

Now we will have some köfte, loosen our anchor and head towards the south east. Let's see if next stop will be on Psara or on Chios.



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