9. April 2013

Here are some more pics of the trip from Skyros to Psara. 


My point of view out of bed.

Psara is a rugged little outpost in the med. The difference between Skyros and Psara
 is stunning. In Skyors everyone on the island did their very very utmost best to make their guest feel home and happy, people was all smiles and friendliness and the whole island seemed very well taken care of and looked after.

Psara on the other side, is rough and rugged, people barely bothered to come see who the newcomers were, and would just scarcely answer on questions. Not they seemed unfriendly, the just seemed so much more affected of the life on a windy and isolated outpost far from everything and everyone.

 Last days has really made me think. These people are SO far away from everything. Imagine growing up here, being the child of the village, everyone knowing you and caring for you, becoming a teenager and knowing that what ever you do, everyone will know about it. And then you reach the age to find a partner.... The selection can really not be very generous... What about the neighbour boy? Or your best friends brother maybe? they are NICE and kind... Not much excitement there.. And then comes the day of getting children.. oh how far away from big hospitals you are.. What a trust you have to have on local doctor, that needs to know a bit of everything, from childbirth via chickenpox and being handy with needle and thread to heart attacks and alzeheimers. And what about finding a job.. What can you possibly do on an island like this? Be a fishermen, be the one and only doctor, drive a ferry, run a taverna, run the grocery store or the bakery... What else? Forget about the career...

For most of us, who had a bit more of a selection while growing up it seems strange, but who knows, maybe these people have the key to happiness and live a much more fulfilled life than what we actually do....

The one and only hospital on the island.

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