Thira 3...

This is Athina, the woman that invited us in for dinner. Such a nice gesture, that one should really remember. -How easy it is to make a great impression on someone visiting your home town. For a fairly small effort. Two more chairs and plates, and a bottle of wine, and you have a wonderful evening full of interesting discussions. Because this is really how these people made us feel, as if it was really no effort at all, and as if it was just a natural thing that we joined them for dinner that night.

We had anchored on the beach just in front of the house, and as we arrived they were not home yet. While we were standing there next to the fence to their garden, their two pitbulls and MASSIVE rotweiler came to greet us. Even though we are both dog people, it is quite a strange feeling to approach a house in the dark, where you know that the owner is not at home, and you have 3 "beasts" like this coming your way... Butas scary as they seemed as we first arrived I would have LOVED to take Ganji and Camaro with me, as they turned out to be stray dogs that had just moved in to share garden and family with the house dog.

We will forever remember Athina, Dimitris and Sunny, and their lovely dogs Liebe, Camaro and Ganji.

Only our swedish followers can understand the irony in a wine with a name like this....

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