31. July 2009

Good news again!
Yesterday we had an electrician over, with whom we had a very good feeling. And it is not every day that you find someone like that in spain. So with a bit of luck we will have him here for a few days next week, changing some installations and doing some adjustments on our electricity for the engine, the batteries and the wind generator. A week ago it all seemed a bit hopeless, but all the sudden things start coming together again. Sails should be done within next week, engine is running again, a few new installations. With a little bit of luck we should be doing some new test runs in the end of next week.
For me the weekend is fully booked, I will be sitting in front of the sowing machine making our new pollsters and cushions. Off course all in black black black.

Besides from that, sun from a clear blue sky, as always, and shrimps for dinner! viva la vida!

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