1. August 2009

OK! We are back in the game.

After we got the quote from the electrician today, 1.800€, I decided to do the work myself, so after seven hours and many more than seven swearwords, we got it all running; engine, electrics, new service batteries, new cables, clean diesel tanks, new deck-house windows and anti-slip painted deck – it seems to be all good again. Just our two front sails are still at the sail makers, but we still got a storm fock, which will have to do for tomorrow, it's tiny thou. Tomorrow is supposed to be a quiet day; little wind, little waves, little sun – perfect for us. We will go out with Mariano at 9:30 and hopefully we will have a day with no problems at all.

Karin has been fighting on another front all day today. The sowing machine which came with the boat is a piece of #!@%, but with just as many swearwords I used today, Karin managed to sow all new covers for the seats, hurray!

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