23. September 2011

In Carloforte we met this fantastic man who invited us in to take a look at his workshop and I completely fell in love.

The smell and the light in there, all the things, how personal it was, all the old machines, the old bikes and old vespas, how it seemed to be something in between a wood workshop and his living room.

He showed us pictures of his family, him when we was young, his dogs that died, the boats he had.. I think if we would have stayed longer we would have heard to complete story of his life.

The pictures in between the tools are of him, as a baby, as a young sailor, n the boat he used to work on...

And The blackboard, isn't it fantastic? I got the feeling that the last time had a place to be or a time to keep was on the 20th of August 1952 at 10 o'clock..

Organized chaos at it's best!

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