24. September 2011

Last week I went to Sweden to visit my parents and Bones. I had a wonderful fall week, a few days of rain, but the sunny days were worth waiting for. My parents are fantastic people and Bones is the best dog in the world, it is a beautiful area where they live.. What more can one ask for?
Thanks mom and dad!!

One day I went with my dad, his friend Bengt and Bones to collect lingonberries, the red gold of the woods, it was a wonderful quiet morning, we had a coffee break and we got a LOT of lingonberries.

My dad found a lot of blueberries as well, but he ate them right away, here is he is trying to hide the evidence, his purple lips..

Another day we went to collect chanterelles, a beautiful day too. It seems it was just the perfect time to go for any kind of harvest, I had plenty of apple pies since all the apples were ripe, we collected plums and berries and chanterelles, my mom had the house full of jam and pickled mushrooms and liquors. I love it!

Bones daily bath in the river running through our village.

Bones is all the same, super fit, laid back, healthy, funny, a great personality, and simply the best dog in the world. Maybe he just a got a bit more hungry over the years, but that should be normal for a lab growing old I think.

By the way, when I was a kid we had a little grocery store, and even a gas pump in my village. THe store shut down a few years ago, and the times when you could get a can of food or a bit of fuel closer than about 20 km away are long gone. This is the remaining of those days.

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