23. September 2011

Last time Axel blogged about Hamburg I think he was not really fair. Hamburg has a lot of great things as well.

When walking around in Karoviertel recently I found this little "garden" in a park, a place where everyone can come and grow their own tomatoes, beetroots and flowers.

What other town has public gardens where who ever can grow their veggies, public "take one leave one" libraries on the city busses so you always have something good to read on the bus, no gates at the subway so you can "chose" if you want to pay or not.. In what other city do people leave their warm and cozy apartments and live in little huts in the trees 10 meters above the ground in the park for months at end in the middle of the winter at minus degrees to save some trees..

We did move away, but, Hamburg is still a great place! Viva Hamburg! Hummel hummel Moin moin!

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