04. October 2011

Since some time now we are in Castellammare del Golfo. When I was away for work Axel decided to bring La Negra over from Sardinia to Sicily and now I have been back on board for about 3 weeks, and I have to say this place is lovely.

On the third pier from the left, the very last boat, on the left side, that's us. If you plan to come visit...

I love Italian grandpa's..

And they seem to love that I love them and always chitchat with them...

More grandpas..

One day I went for a little road trip on the country side, the sicilian inland is very beautiful.

After hours and hours with nothing but APE's loaded with honey melons and tractors with old men working their fields, (One tractor with four old men stopped to ask me if I was lost, and ended up asking me for a dance and offering that one of them could drive my car if I wanted to ride in the tractor... thanks for the offer, but, no, thank you..) After 55 km of very bumpy roads I ended up in...

Don Vito Corleone says hi!

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