5. October 2011

A couple of weeks ago I was in Stockholm for work. Before I went I had heard about a boat shop that is a bit different to what you normally find. This is a second had shop, where you can bring your stuff that you don't need, and they sell if for you, and they wreck old boats and take all parts that are still good and sell in their shop. What a clever idea! And what great things you can find! And the nicest thing about is that it is is owned by two young women!

It is situated on one of the many islands of Stockholm called Skeppsholmen, meaning Ship Islet in a very old building called Tjärhuset or Råseglarhuset, that is the Tar House or the Square Rig House. In the same building you also find a couple of traditional boat shops with a lot of old and very nice things, the man running the line workshop downstairs seems blind and deaf, and the work shop looks like there has not been a thing changed since 100 years, but he surely seems to know what he is doing.

What might look like a pile of trash to some people, can be a gold mine for someone else!!

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