14. October 2011

Finally La Negra goes green, we got our windgenerater going.

I am in Favignana Isola, a little island next to Sicilia. it is beautiful here. Yesterday Zakhar and me were sitting in a (the only one) restaurant/bar here and watching street life: a fisher man comes with his pushbike and 3 pasticbags full of fish, delivery for the resataurant, a group of old man sitting and playing cards, an old lady catches a fish by the harbour, a young fat boy rides past on his 50ccm Harley Davidson (serious, it looks like a big chopper but the engine is like a mofa), ferries going in and out, dogs running around and the owner of the restaurant is haveing and emotional discusion the italian way with a police man about how shit the italian government is. Beautiful!

Karin is somewhere in Spain and will be coming back on Sunday. We will leave Sicily then and go to Tunesia, really need to urgently take the boat out of the water to do the antifouling again. It's only 150sm, new country, I am excited.

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