12. October 2011

One day I went to Palermo with Alero. Palermo is a very hectic, multi cultural, old, run down, beatiful, interesting and intense town. The city traffic is incredible! sailing open seas is WAY easier than crisscrossing in the inner city at noon time in Palermo. I was surprised how big the city actually is, it really has the flair of a big city. In the outskirts there are fruit and veggie stands all over the place, and people sell fish on every street corner. There is not ONE single parking lot to get, but millions of cars parked on the pedestrian zones, on the no-parking areas, in the roundabouts and in the driving lanes.. On top of this, there are thousands and thousands of vespas buzzing around and zick zacking between cars and pedestrians.

It really fascinates me how mixed the old and the new, the run down and freshly renovated and rich and pore is. One house can be complete freshly painted and renovated on one side, and the other side looks like it might fall to bits and pieces any day. A dump is in front of a monumental church and the porest apartment blocks right behind the fanciest castel and arches. The hole town is FULL of monuments, old churches, fountains and statues.

There is a really nice market in one of the old areas where you can get everything from tons of chillies, meat, veggies and fish, to hand made knives, local pottery or the latest copies of D&G and Prada.
Here are some pics.

to complete the traffic jam, there are plenty of horse and carriages driving around the tourists. Some of the equipages look very nice with beautiful carriages and the horses groomed to the fullest and dressed up like circus horses with feathers and hand crocheted and embroidered covers over their backs.

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