13. November 2011

Ooooookay, it's been a while, hmmmmmm what happened in the meanwhile.

So Karin did come back, what a surprise, I picked her up in Trapani, from there we left to go a bit further south, but it was such a nice sail that we decided to keep going to Pantelleria, a small island inbetween Sicily and Tunisia. Never heard of that island before and as it turned out it was a beautiful place with lovely people aaaaand by far the best icecream I had so far, and I thought the bar was already quite high from Porto Scuso, but this was divine. After a few days in the town habour (free) we said good bye to this beautiful island, to our new fishermen friends and pointed La Negras bow towards Monastir.

These first 2 images were still in Trapani, just before a massive thunderstorm build up with wind over 40kn in gusts, I was on anchore, 55m chain out and 2 anchors, not much sleep that night.

In Pantelleria.

With a freshly caught and cocked tuna I woke up Karin in the morning, sun had rosen and a small black line on the horizon as well, Africa. How exciting, a new continent. After breakfast in bed it was time to drop the Italian courtesy flag and raise the Tunisian flag on starboard. A few hours later we arrived in Monastir. We had to clear in for the first time, police, customs, one million stupid questions, officers onboard to check for alcohol, cigaretts and people hiding in the engine room (btw they just looked under the pillows in bed and in the engine room) and we were clear to go ashore. Next moring we worke up, asked for the price to lift the boat out and 30 minutes later La Negra started to fly, that was quick. From then on the marathon started, paint paint paint. We painted the whole haul, white, black and antifouling, new depth sounder, new log (wow even ocean water temperature we got now), we also had sail-makers sow us new deckshouse covers, I also repaired some damages we got in Castellamare. And now we must say La Negra looks the best she has ever done since we had her. And she is back in the water.

We must say: If you need something done on your boat, they do everything here, everything we saw looked like they know what they are doing, friendly and on time and of course, cheap; so our recommendation, go to Tunisia for boat repairs.

Upcoming week Karin is off to Tunis and will come back end of the week with a friend from Canada, plan is to go to the next new country, Malta, 170NM east of here.

Where is Karin?


  1. i want ice, too!!
    what a beauty la negra is ...

  2. mensche ey, ich wüsste garnicht wie man das eis mit worten beschreiben könnte. nie so ein leckeres eis zuvor gegessen, würde nur wegen dem eis da wiederhinsegeln.