14. November 2011

I just clicked though the photos on my phone, and I noticed that I didn't upload any photos of the trip from Sardenia to Sisily. So let's go back in time. I sailed solo for 2 days and it was such a nice feeling to be by yourself on the ocean, yes of cause its much nicer with Karin, but since I don't have the solo sailing too much, it was nice. Zakhar was sailing on his boat Gagra. 1. day I had super good winds from aft, bit for bit I pulled out more and more sail till there was no more to pull out. During the first night the wind died off, which meant I had to motor, which was still super nice, nice sun rise, sun set, beautiful blue of the ocean, smooth water, a few seaturtles and a few dolphions, the one in the photo was amazing. He was surfing for such a long time with me, I was singing him songs and wisteled and he really enjoyed it, he was looking at me. Then I thought I play him a song on the guitar. Bad idea, either it was the big black thing in my hand that scared him away or my terrible playing. Sad. 2. night I motored along a few islands west of Sisily and Sisily itself, looked stunning with all the lights along the coastline. I first went to Palermo, but the harbour was soooooo dirty and expensive that I left within 1 hour and ended up in Castellarmare. And this is where Karins blog entries continue.

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  1. Hej på er!, Hur mår ni?
    Väldigt fina bilder på delfinen och mer!
    NÄr kommer KArin hem vilket datum? Ha det så bra hälsningar Julia Tarasso!