11 May 2012

After Manu left it was time to leave Sicily and skip over to mainland Italy and Calabria. This turned out to be a night sail. Even the tiniest distances can turn out to be long turns when on a sailboat without wind.

To cross over the gap between the "sole" and the "heel" of Italy, we got stuck in Cruton and surroundings, waiting for the right wind. Thats when we had the time make these real cheesy "swedish midsummer" photos. this stop was also a real eye opener, no matter how pretty it looks on the photos, this bay was FULL of garbage. Even though we see it everywhere, this was the worst so far. Plastic plastic plastic. It is just so sad to see, and you feel completely helpless. No matter how you try, even if you dedicate your life to cleaning beaches and bays, it will make no difference. You clean your strip of beach or shore, and with the next strong wind it looks even worse than when you started. The ocean is just full of plastic. Sad but true.

with a beautiful full moon we finally made the little crossing over the heel. Just before sunset, Axel got this pretty tuna on the hook. and man, was he worth it. So many lost lures, so many fishing shop visits, and so many hand made lures. If you try hard enough, it happens at some point. and it was DELICIOUS. Thank you ocean for serving us tasty breakfast, lunch and dinner for 3 days.

Unfortunately we were too late to safe the life of the tiny little fish we found in the belly of the tuna.

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