6. April 2013

Yesterday I woke to a perfect morning. Axel was still asleep (It almost never happens that I wake up before him, not that I am a total sleepy head, but being awake before someone who normally wakes up at 6 is just not really my thing.) so I decided to go for a small walk around the village.

As I walked around (which is done in 2 minutes) I bumped into this fisherman who decided to invite me for a coffee with his friends. This was such a friendly and sweet gesture even if we could barely understand each other.

After my morning coffee (tea) I decided to go up the church and graveyard that overlooks the entrance of the bay. Such a pretty little church with such an amazing little graveyard. I don't understand why we keep our graves so grey and dull in the north. Who would NOT want to have oranges on his/her grave?! 

In the afternoon we decided to take the bus to Chora, the capital of Skyros. Clinging to a mountain tip, overlooking the sea it is a fantastic little town with a stunning view, winding tiny streets and alleys, one house piled on top of the other. 

The late afternoon turned out to be rather stressy, in a pleasant way. As we got back from Chora, the harbour master Georigos decided to invite us for a coffee and as we left the café it was time to go pick up our water pump from the ferry. On the way to dinner we got invited by Dimitris, a former seaman, to join him and his friends for a Ouzo. After dinner we got involved in some chitchat with the people on the neighbour table that resulted in that we were late to our evening date, at Soula's place. Soula is a local who runs a little hotel and since we are the first guest of the season she invited us in to her home for a Metaxa and some snacks.


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