6. April 2013

Here are some more pics of the tour from Thessaloniki to Skyros.

At about 1 o'clock on thursday the wind dropped down and we decided to run the engine for a while, but, immediately it started making very strange sounds and the engine temperature went up. After having scratched his head for a while, and having called our friends at White Sails in Malta the Captain decided that we probably had a faulty water pump for our fresh water system. On advice from Malta we ran the engine on low ref's and kept poring water into the cooling system. Altering this with "sailing" at about 1 knot of speed, we made into Linaria on Skyros at around 7. So, lets say about 7 nm in 6 hours.
Even if this was not on our planned route, we are happy it happened, we could not have found a better place to be stranded for a few days. 


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