30. July 2013

Some big changes been happening on La Negra.

I went from Malta to Tunesia with my buddy from Australia, Benny, La Negra got a new fresh undercoat and is looking all chick again.

But also some not so nice things and changes happened. Karin and I have split up about 1,5 month ago. We have been sailing different directions for too long and I suppose it was time to make a decision. From my side: I am not happy about it, but I also see the necessity for it.

The other bad thing that happened and is temporarily leaving the boat: is the engine, it decided, it had enough just when we were leaving the port in Lampedusa, it seized up, we had to "sail" back to Malta, with NO wind (and that is not nord-ost wind), 30 hours 7 miles. But we had a dolphin family swimming with us, Mama, Papa and baby, we saw 2 turtles making love, and we caught 2 tuna, which can in real handy as we were running out of anything eatable on the boat.

Well now all hoses, tubes, cables.... to the engine are disconnected and I am ready for the mechanics, Johan and Daniel to lift the engine out of the boat.

Please everybody cross fingers that it's not too bad and too expensive.

So, all in all not the the best times, but even the worst storm settles after some time, so I just have to keep on course and wait and look for the good weather system.

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