9. August 2013

To get the engine out of the boat and all its work is truly an adventure, and not the pleasant kind.

It's been hard work.

Next step was taking every thing apart, cleaning them, finding the problems, sending part to get serviced, start painting the parts and find and source the new parts...

As bad as the engine looked from the outside it actually looked quite good from the inside, apart from the broken parts.

After cleaning, sanding, painting the parts they look new again.

It's also been an odyssey to find new parts and I am still working on that. Online, telefon, in Malta, Spain and Germany. Most other parts have been send off to the specialists to check them and give a service. So we are now wait for their return.

I also started another project as now is the time to do that, clean the bilge, sand the bilge and paint the bilge, also not one of my favorite jobs, but getting there.

All in all, it's a hell of a job, but needs to be done NOW. I am on anchor and I need that engine to come back into the boat asap.

But we are progressing. Thanks to Daniel and Johan from White Sails, Marcus and Jenny for towing and assisting and benny.

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